Thursday, 28 February 2013

Manosphere Take-Aways

The tour is coming to a close. The guide has reached the point where she's about to ask us to show a little thanks for Silvio the driver who took us up the single-track mountain road without falling over the side and didn't dawdle on the motorway on the way back. Silvio gets my money every time.

It's been a blast reading these guys, and I'm pretty sure I'll be looking at Roosh, Krauser, Danger and Play, Danny From 504 and some others in the future: game and male self-improvement stuff. The others, with political and evo-psycho underpinnings, have to go. Partly because it all catches at my codependent velcro, and partly because I would like to have a few more adult relationships before becoming terminally unable to be bothered, and reading a bunch of guys moaning about how awful women are, and how the legal system encourages them is not going to help. It's not that it's not true, but that I've got the message and don't need to hear it anymore. I learned a bunch of stuff, amongst which are...

I will put up with a fair amount of shit if I think I might get laid as a result, but the more options and self-respect I have, the less I will put up with it. It follows that if women want men around as providers and social props, but want to be random and not provide sex, then they need to conduct an all-out assault on men's self-respect. This assault is what the Manosphere calls "feminism". It's also what the Men At The Top call "good entertainment" and how bad can it be that what makes money for your newspaper and TV stations also helps demoralise your workforce? (Capital didn't invent misandrist feminism, but it sure figured out how to use it when it found it.)

The more of her random, dysfunctional and manipulative behaviour I'm prepared to put up with, the less she will respect me. Especially when she withdraws sex and I don't withdraw the key to his flat. It's worth noticing that this rule does apply to decent women, but since they are decent exactly because they don't do much random, dysfunctional and manipulative, I don't have to put up with it, so they don't get a chance to dis-respect him. That's a non-obvious piece of wisdom.

Every woman has sufficient random, dysfunctional and manipulative traits to set off the disrespect mechanism. They will test the limits and they will try to make me their bitch. The first part is a fair warning, but the second bit would strike strikes me as paranoia until I realise that I'm long-term-single because I need to relax when I get home, and that isn't going to happen when I have someone there who can come at me at any time with any demand or dissatisfaction she invents that she thinks I should do something about because, well, she just dreamed it up. 

Then there's GBFM's #1 hit tune "alpha fucks and beta bucks". If you want the Roissy-sphere in five words, those are they. (I have no idea who GBFM is, but he's either a guy on a lot of meds, or a guy pretending to be a guy on a lot of meds.) 

I love the concept of The Wall: that day when she wakes up, looks in the mirror and realises she ain't attractive cute anymore. It's worth noting that men hit The Wall as well, often in their twenties, and they don't turn distinguished, they just look like overweight fucks who need to lose weight. The difference is that men can get back over The Wall and women can't.

I needed to know what Shit Tests are, and I needed to decide that if I got one, it was either going to be ignored or I wasn't going to see her again.

NAWALT of course, but the complete phrase is "NAWALT, but enough are to give the rest of them a bad name". 

Consider me suitably cautioned about the Nature of Women.

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