Monday, 9 December 2013

Don't Be Scared Of Growing Old Alone

(This kinda follows on from the previous post)

I've read younger Manosphere commentators make remarks along the lines of "you don't want to wind up old and lonely with no one to look after you". When I was their age, I felt the same way. It's a middle-aged man's fear. It's not an older man's fear - it's not mine. Hell, when I die, no-one will know until the neighbours complain about the smell, and that won't be my problem. I'll be dead. That does not scare me in the slightest.

I'll tell you what scares me. Growing so old I wind up in hospital and then some fucking old person's council home, while some social worker tries to set aside my will and sell the house to a builder who gives them a kickback. And that shit happens whether you have children or partners or not. With luck, something will get me first. I have no desire to live past an age I can't earn money anymore.

I'll tell you what I'm grateful for. Not spending my last years with an old woman whose company I do not enjoy and who is dragging me down. Who is cranky, insecure, full of regrets and bitter. Which is not going to happen to you because your married life is going to be a success. And because you are married to an ex-ballet dancer who is now teaching Pilates? Wait. You're not? Shame. Because they are almost the only ones who stay in shape. When you think in terms of having "someone to grow old with", you are making a huge, huge, assumption that you are going to enjoy their company. The odds are not good. Forty per cent of you are going to be divorced (one or more times) and so single in your old age anyway, and where did you get the idea that the other sixty per cent were happy with each other? Not from observation of the real world.

Don't worry about growing old and being single. You will be physically fit and mentally agile. You will be working out, reading great books for men, learning new stuff for work, maybe travelling. You may or may not have friends and a network. You will be working anyway because you won't have a pension, and so you will be surrounded by people five days a week. You won't be able to party like you used to, you won't be as driven to chase girls, you will wake up in the middle of the night to take a piss, and morning wood will be a rarity, but that's about all the differences you will notice from when you were forty.

Don't worry about being old and single. Worry about being old and married.

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  1. What about having a nice Filipina or Thai woman 15 or so years younger than you, who is appreciative and agreeable?