Thursday, 17 April 2014

Self-Respect Before Notches

Watch this…. see you the other side.

Hi again.

Jabba gets it. It’s just not acceptable for a man to put up with a hundred laps of girl nonsense to get one lap of sex. That’s one difference between the old-school PUA and the more recent version: old-school PUA’s seem to put up with practically anything for the notch, which made the girl the judge of their skills and worth. Then someone stirred in a little MGTOW, just enough to change sex and girls from being the prize to being a pastime, a source of pleasure. Masculine dignity requires nothing less. It’s a difficult attitude for a mid-twenties man with raging hormones and a hole in his soul, who thinks that a woman will fix it all: it’s easier for a man my age, with reduced hormones, to say “if that’s all I can get, thank you, I’ll go without”. Women, and one’s ability to get laid at will, are not the mark of a Man. Not now. Strangely enough, this has come from the younger guys (I’m so old that Jabba, at 38, is “younger”). The older ones, mostly, are still wedded to the idea that somehow, a man without a woman is like an engine without a car.

Whereas the truth is that a man without a woman is like a leopard without a yacht. Which is a much larger subject.

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