Monday, 18 August 2014

Media Misandry Is Just Click-Bait and Marketing

Or Spreadsheet Guy (2). Why didn’t editors all over the world didn’t say to their columnists “Anyone writes about Spreadsheet Guy gets to do the recipe page for a month. It’s a hoax and even if it was true, it is unworthy of our publication”? Before about 2005 Spreadsheet Guy would never have made any print publication. Now editors need the landings, dwell-time and click-throughs.

The media has always measured its columnists’ and celebrities' worth by sales and reader feedback: when it cost money to read, the London Evening Standard always sold more on the days the legendary art critic Brian Sewell ran his column. People read Sewell because he was controversial and had arguments for his views. People read media misandry because it lets them air their grievances, posture as activists, and spew their bile, or because they think it’s about real issues and are trying to get a feel for the direction of the zeitgeist.

Misandry is the biggest troll in polite society (go to impolite society and there are any number of loonie Anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists and all sorts of other creepy-crawlies, but we’re staying mainstream). Upload a story that can evoke a “what a creep / loser / jerk / typical man / that’s why I live with my cats / why are men like this / why can’t they just get it” response and the damaged, deluded, disillusioned and deranged will send their clicks down the fibre in gratifying numbers. Which for the moment the publishers think is a good thing. Because advertising and eyeballs.

Advertising. That’s why it’s there. To exploit the hurt, pain, mis-understandings, fears, inadequacies and prejudices of rejected, unhappy and dissatisfied women everywhere. To sell them stuff. Because what a miserable woman needs is more useless stuff.

Media misandry is advertising. With free copy in the comments. Well done girls. You just got owned by the capitalists.


It’s time The Guys stopped taking media misandry seriously. I don’t mean the institutional misandry in the Family Courts, Social Services and other organisations. That’s serious stuff, and Paul Elam’s crew do a good job with that. I mean the stuff that women who don’t like men write, or the straight female-privilege stuff. Revealing that self-interest and privilege is part of the mission of RoK, Heartiste and Rational Male. Newcomers need to know this stuff isn’t serious. Those women get screen space because the publishers think there’s money in it.

A lot of impressionable young women believe this stuff, a lot of White Knights and Other Traitors profess it for whatever reasons they think make sense, and a lot of women who don’t like men and all our works use it as a weapon in their war. Some will suggest that some women use this stuff as a shit test to disqualify weak men, and frankly I could care less. Walk away, with or without an NMY-exit (“Oh hey, I have this.. thing I have to do. It was Nice Meeting You.” Or “It’s been nice talking to you, but I have to finish reading this *wave book / print-out or Kindle* for a deadline” if you’re stuck next to each other on transport).

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