Monday, 1 February 2016

The Bitter Taste of the Red Pill (sounds like a Fassbinder movie)

The usual account of The Bitter Taste of the Red Pill (sounds like a Fassbinder movie)  is usually said to be the anger a Blue Pill man feels on discovering he has had a chump’s attitude to women, and that everything he thinks that makes him valuable as a man is of no interest whatsoever to women. It is learning that a relationship with a woman works best when he realises that she loves him for what he does for her and that she will turn into a seething ball of contempt the moment he so much as flinches at any of her shit tests or whatever misfortune life throws at him, and that for best results his emotional involvement is de minimus, so she really believes he will be gone should she start to put on weight, withhold sex or dial up the attitude. (I think you read this as: if you made the mistake of getting married, this is what you do to survive. Rather than: this is how a Real Man™ should want to live.)

Almost, but not quite. I mean, all that is true, and of course no-one in their right mind would have a relationship with anyone they believed would behave like that, which means that single men who aren’t PUAs or MGTOWs must be, errrrr, idealistic about women. But it’s not why the Red Pill is bitter.

The bitter taste of the Red Pill is realising that concentrating so much on our relationships with women has made our relationships with other men ineffectual and shallow, that we may not even know men we would trust, and that we have no idea how to find and befriend good men. The bitter taste of the Red Pill is not about our relationships with women, but our lack of relationships with men.

And if you think it’s tough to get laid, just try finding a buddy you can trust in this or any other town.

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