Friday, 6 July 2012

Lunch Glorious Lunch - Shoreditch

I may have remarked that the office I work in is a depressing tip. I'm not sure if I've made that clear, but it's not the place I want to eat lunch in. Whereas in Heaven-By-Soho I was quite happy to pop out to Yoshino for sushi or Stockpot for a takeaway salad and eat in the office, I really don't want to eat in the squalor that is our Bishopsgate office. So I've been going out at lunchtime when I can. It's not cheap, but I don't seem to want to spend money going on vacations this year, so, here are some of the lunches available up the road from my office in Shoreditch.

Beef and Stilton salad at The Book Club; burger and cheese at The Diner, Curtain Road; Chorizo and potato breakfast at the Bishopsgate Kitchen, Brushfield Street; Eggs and fries at the Bishopsgate Kitchen; five choices lunch at Sahara, Great Eastern Street; Frittata, Ham and Eggs, Lamb Burger, all at The Book Club, Leonard Street.

Most of these are around the £8 mark, which keeps a lot (nay, all) of the City office workers out, as "City salaries" are not what you think these days. The standard is consistent, good and the food is tasty. That's a duck egg with the chorizo breakfast. The keyboard that keeps appearing belongs to my trusty Asus netbook.

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