Monday, 13 May 2013

Stables Market and Camden High Street, May Bank Holiday

I've tried before to get a sense of the sheer thronginess of Camden Lock on a public holiday or a sunny weekend, and the trusty Canon A90IS just wasn't big enough to do it. Sometimes you need a 35mm DSLR and sometimes you need a medium-format.

Psylo is in Stables Market and Sis likes their stuff, as indeed I was taken by a couple of the men's pieces, but they don't really cut for, uh, people who work out. There's all sorts of tish, tosh and good stuff there, including a small headphones stall (booth? shop?) whose owner told me that, yes indeed, my ten year-old Sennheiser HD 580's were indeed still pretty much the best open-back headphones I could get without spending silly money.

If you to Camden Lock, don't get out at Camden Town itself. Go one stop on to Chalk Farm. It's an altogether less crowded experience.

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