Monday, 19 May 2014

Top Ten Girls (The Clean Version)

Every now and then one of the girls at work asks me who my favourite women are, and though usually I come back with “You of course”, I’ve never had a slick answer to that question. Aside from Jessica Alba. If a man doesn’t have Jessica Alba on his Hot List, he’s actually a Martian. Even girls accept that Jessica Alba is off-the-charts hot. And Eva Mendes, whose mere presence in a movie is enough for me.

Aside from Jessica and Eva, it’s never really been about actresses (or singers) for me. It’s always been about editorial fashion models (as opposed to catalogue models, who are chosen for different reasons). These girls come and go, except Kate Moss, who goes on forever, because that’s the nature of the business, and a lot of them are girls with This Year’s Look. Some, however, have something special - even if it only lasts as long as the morning dew of their youthful wonderfulness. If I was a Man Who Had Money And The Life To Go With It, right now, these are the women I would wish to squire. Since I’m not, they are pictures in magazines, as real as one of Boldini’s society women.

Daria Werbowy

Eniko Mihalik

Esmee Vermolen

Eva Mendes

Jessica Alba

 Kristen McMenemy

LouLou Robert 

Melina P.

Rumi Neely

Soo Joo Park

The Marchase Casati - Giovanni Boldini
Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Rome

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