Monday, 11 August 2014

Europe Belongs To Us: Get Over the Creepy White People

This has gone viral. It has attracted some expected hoorays , and the equally expected horrified face-palms. One of which, from a Swedish newspaper, missed the point wonderfully. Its retaliation is in eight languages - Arabic, French, Spanish, Estonian, Hungarian and Czech - which they say are examples of cultures that would be turned out by the SDU. Who are talking about Europe. Let’s see: French = European, Spanish = European, Estonian = European, Hungarian = European again, Czech = European. Okay, that leaves… Which was kinda the SDU’s point. The editor of that newspaper is as dumb as a sock.

The video is anti-EU. The two issues mentioned are immigration and multiculturalism. Let’s deal with both.

Multi-culturalism is a smoke-screen. A lot of decent people have been fooled by it, because it sounds so liberal and tolerant, but that’s not how it’s being used by the State and the activists. The decent people are in bad company. It was always an excuse for the police, social services and schools to ignore the unacceptable practices of immigrant communities. Barely able to handle the problems of the native underclass, these organisations needed a doctrine that let them off the hook of dealing, for example, with families that sent thirteen year-old girls off to be married in their village-of-origin. Multi-culturalism was never a serious doctrine, though it needed to be presented as one by the useful idiots in the media, and of course, it was exploited by every harridan who wanted to shout at the Hated White Man some more.

So all the SDU is asking is for the EU and their governments to stop blowing smoke at them. Seems reasonable to me.

So now immigration. Immigrants are brought into the UK because the employers, State or private, do not want to pay the wages, or structure the jobs, so that UK citizens would be able to live independent adult lives (you know, with wives, and children, and their own roof over their head, and some savings. How dare the workers want what the middle class expect?). In the nineteenth century, they brought in the Irish to build the railways. They brought in Jamaicans on the SS Windrush to drive the trains. In the 1990’s and onwards they imported bright young men and women from the rest of the Anglosphere, and later the EU, to do the thousands of essentially short-term white-collar jobs created by modern bureaucracies, jobs with no future and no real foundation in the business, and which can be shut down more or less instantly. And they would send employment scouts over to Eastern Europe to hire skilled tradesmen, which was only needed because UK companies had abandoned apprenticeships a couple of decades ago. Heaven alone knows why European governments brought in unskilled, uneducated, non-English speaking men and women by the thousands, enough to populate entire towns. Since it was crazy, there is no point in speculating. But they did, and created strains on schools, the NHS and all the other public services that were barely adequate before adding another ten million people to the UK population. And they needed to blow huge amounts of smoke in our faces, from faked economic benefit studies to patently insincere praise of “vibrant cultures" to distract us from the obvious idiocy of the policy.

Now let’s get clear who we have a problem with. Immigrants or the people who brought them in, or failed to keep them out?

I have a problem with people who are loud, lazy, don’t pay their taxes or due bills, are rude, inconsiderate, entitled, violent, who cheat and free-ride, who are unemployable, who have personality disorders, eat crap food, don’t keep themselves in physical and intellectual shape, who want to drag others into their sexual, emotional or financial chaos, who use, abuse and mis-use… you get the point. I don’t care what race, colour, creed, gender or nationality they are: if they are a Bad Person, I want them elsewhere than around me and my quotidian world, I don’t want my taxes to subsidise them, and I don’t want my employer, or any other employer who does important things like sewage or hospitals, being forced by law to hire them. I want competent, well-mannered, organised people with some self-discipline around me, and running things that matter, like trains and law courts.

I don’t have a problem with immigrants, unless I would have the same problem with them if they were natives.

I do, however, have a huge problem with the reason most of them are here. Almost all of them have been brought here, actively recruited, to reduce wage bills and, in the long run, pension costs, or because employers have failed to train a younger generation of skilled tradesmen. The NHS regularly gets lambasted for stripping entire graduating classes of nurses from developing countries. And because successive UK governments have let the education system fail even the middle-classes, many young British people are only borderline employable. Now, if all the poor, unemployed natives vanished in real life as they vanish from the minds of the CEO's and Ministers, it would be fine. But they don’t. They are still with us, and they have children. In flat contradiction to every cod-evolution and rational free-market theory ever passed off as serious thought. At the same time, the smart, pretty people stay single or childless in increasing numbers. And in the short term, hauling in capable immigrants puts a Band-Aid over the problem.

That’s what I have a problem with. The damn lousy politicians and businessmen who won’t train their own people, who won’t fix the schools, are too cheap to pay a wage that lets a man support his wife and children and put a roof over their heads, and who can’t figure out how, nor have the conviction, to send the required messages about how a decent person lives. Immigrants are like inflation and low interest rates: the economic version of taking downs to get to sleep and ups to send you on your way.

So the SDU is asking for governments to do their freaking jobs, control their borders, make sure their young people get functionally educated and that employers consider natives first. I'm not sure the SDU would go that far, but I would.

Animal rights activists don’t like animals, but they do hate people; hunt saboteurs don’t like foxes, but they do hate people on horses. People who profess unrestricted immigration of poor, unskilled people from countries where women aren’t educated and it’s acceptable to kill your daughter because she said ‘hello’ to the wrong boy, don’t like the immigrants, but they do hate confident white people with a sense of identity and heritage. There are a lot of those haters, and right now they guarantee a lot of click-throughs, so they get air time. As soon as the media proprietors sense that the majority of their readers are tired of being berated as a racist by a privileged white girl paid £100,000 a year to produce click-bait, her job will be given to someone professing the need to help re-settle those immigrants who have not managed to integrate into our society.

"But creepy white people”. Ah yes, why tackle issues when you can have an emotion instead. Or are you saying that if Nigel Farage looked like Clive Owen and those white people in the video had a little touch of mixed blood about them, it would be all right? That’s a PR judgement I could accept.

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