Monday, 12 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie: Pas Peur

What's really sickening is the way that the security service and police use such random tragedies to pitch for bigger budgets and more powers.

The thugs who shot those journalists were not terrorists in the way that the members of an IRA Active Service Unit were terrorists. The IRA had political demands, objectives and plans, the "Islamist" terrorists have nothing: they have no political demands, and no State or organisational backing. They are a-political and un-aligned. They aren't terrorists because the last thing they want is to get rid of the State that pays their welfare cheques. They are young men with what will soon become a recognised psychiatric condition.

This is the right sentiment:

The sooner these random killings are seen as the work of emotionally-disturbed people, and not as some kind of religious or political protest, the sooner the various States will get the proper perspective on what's happening.

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