Monday, 11 May 2015

April 2015 Review

I was ill. One the first day of the month I woke up and knew I shouldn’t leave the front door, less I fall over in the Cineworld car park on my way to the station and lie there unable to move. I had a cough, cold and fever all the way through Easter and the Thursday and Tuesday I took in addition. Monday 30th of March, I brought in two pairs of trousers for cleaning at Jeeves, and left them on the train. Never leave anything in a plastic bag on the trains that go through Richmond from Waterloo: you will never see it again. I even visited Lost Property in the grand tradition of Futile Gestures. I struggled through the two weeks after Easter, and then took a long weekend. When I returned to work, I felt a lot better, but was still moving slowly.

I emerged from that three-week illness and weakness with an understanding that I had let myself get into a rut over the last six months. I didn’t have a bunch of resolutions, but I did write down a number of things I needed to do and stop prevaricating about buying.

I saw exactly one film the whole month: John Wick, at the Cineworld. However, on the box sets, I went through Scandal, Elementary S2, The Bridge S2 and Fringe S1. I also saw a number of the Fake or Fortune programmes on You Tube.

I read Wolpoff and Caspari’s Race and Human Evolution, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar’s The Time Regulation Institute, Douglas Coupland’s Kitten Clone, and Philip Mould’s Sleuth.

Sis and I dined at The Providores on Marleybone High Street, and pronounce it excellent. So do the crowds of well-heeled Maylebonians.

I started the Thursday Yoga classes again. This is because I have decided to leave my car at Richmond and take the tube back from time to time. It works well for Yoga as I’m not thinking about rushing back to catch the trains immediately afterwards and the whole thing feels more relaxed. The Yoga itself? Ouch. I weigh a lot, and I cannot “float…into Plankassana”. When I do it, it’s called a press-up. Stop sniggering and knock out ten press-ups now. Thought so… not as easy as it sounds.

Plus the garden got its post-Winter cut. This is not an easy thing to do.

I started wearing a Fitbit Flex again. Was it co-incidence that I also resumed the alternate Waterloo-Holborn walk? I don’t think so. In the week I do 10,000=+ steps every day, but at the weekend, well, it’s Saturday, and I’m only going to put it on this evening to track my sleep. Turns out, I’m restless most nights, and about 15-20 minutes worth. That cuts into one’s beauty sleep. I’m not tracking calories. That might come later.

And it was also Hay Fever month. I pass out on the train on the return journey. Zonk. On the worst days, it really does feel like I’ve been injected with something.

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