Monday, 22 June 2015

Diversity As Industrial Sabotage

A lot of SJW’s and PC columnists are making a noise about the fact that women are “under-represented” in the big tech companies. Those companies are making pledges about getting Women Into Tech. Oddly, there are less women graduating in Computer Science now than there were twenty years ago, which probably says something about the lack of fortitude of today’s women compared to their older cousins, but don’t let that stop anyone.

Once a company is known as a diversity quota-house, the really good people don’t apply to work there, and the really good people who do work there, leave. I’m not talking about hacks like me, I mean actually talented people who could make a huge difference to the products, processes and profits of an organisation. Those people are jealous of their time and talent, and they are focussed on developing and using it. How else did they get to be good in the first place? They do not want to deal with working for insecure managers, or with team members who can’t haul the load.

If you hired someone who was good at the job and also happened to be (enter Diverse parameters here), then you didn’t make a quota-hire. You just hired a good person who happens to be (enter Diverse parameters here). Your new hire won't cause problems with the non-Diverses because they have talent and they are a professional, and want to be accepted as that. If the non-Diverses start to make comments, you can indulge in some old-fashioned shaming and tell them to behave like professionals.

The Diversity Illusion is that there will always be enough acceptable quota-hires when you need them. This is obviously wrong. Since a quota-hire is someone you hired over a better non-quota candidate so that you could meet your quotas, quota-hires are by definition less capable. (Let me repeat, Diverse candidates who have the required talent aren't quota-hires.) Which means they are more likely to be insecure, entitled, and less talented. This upsets the genuine talent, while us hacks shrug and wait for it to pass. Or you could put all your quota-hires somewhere they can’t do any damage to the important stuff, though where that would be, I’m not sure. Which means you’re carrying un-needed overhead.

Why on earth would a company do this to itself? It wouldn't. But, here’s a thing. All those Diversity SJWs write for web companies that are owned by Tech or Media billionaires. Each one of whom is trying to get the other guy’s company to become a diversity quota-house.

It’s industrial sabotage by other means. The tech companies who take it seriously and actually start hiring women on quotas will lose talent, not be able to re-hire it, make worse products, loose their edge and go out of business.

Capitalism turns everything to its use.

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