Monday, 22 August 2016

Denmark Street

Denmark Street, home of guitars, keyboards, and all things needed to start your very own band. Ever since Crossrail started, there have been rumours that the music shops are going to be ejected and replaced by something less funky that pays more rent. This visit round, I'm sure there were more restaurants than before. The young lady who sold me a set of light gauge steel D'Addorio strings for my trusty acoustic told me that most of the musical retailers have twenty-year leases on their shops. Doesn't mean someone might not come along and give the leaseholders bucket-loads of cash to sell, but the point is she didn't say "Oh yes, we're living from month month, no-one knows."

Apparently people come from all over the world to the famous Denmark Street to look at and buy musical instruments. I've looked at one and off most of my life. To someone who has never seen it, it must look deliciously tatty and romantic. After all, what matters is the National Steel in the window, not the window.

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