Monday, 26 June 2017

Classic Mercedes Convertible in Mayfair

Sunday evening, on my way back from the gym and supper in Soho, passing through Mayfair on my way to Green Park tube, and across the road from Cecconi's is this Thing of Beauty.

It's a 300SL, which was the the fastest production car of its day, and one of the first to use fuel injection. It was actually more powerful than the racing cars it was derived from. 

Look at the tachometer and the speedometer. That's a red line at 6,000 rpm and a top speed of about 120 mph, unless you want to go the whole 7,000 rpm and slightly downhill, when you might get 160 mph out of it. No aerodynamics, just sheer brute power.

Oh. And you're looking at over £1,000,000 worth of car. At least.

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