Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Breakfast in Notting Hill

Saturday 5th June was the last morning of Summer 2010 and I was out bright and early. Fed up of rock-hard fruits in the supermarket, I went off to Notting Hill for breakfast and a little light shopping. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage at the Kitchen and Pantry, sharing a table with three ladies who ran stalls or shops and were having their morning conference before opening. I was there so early there were empty couch spaces - get there at 11:00 and see if you can sit down.

However, this fine example of homo macbook cafeterius had arrived before me and was there when I left. After I took the photo, he plugged his transformer into a mains socket somewhere. I can only wonder what his flat must be like.

This next is a little blurred, but actually it gets the feeling across...

The toilets were an example to all cafe-owners everywhere...

and this is the place.

I did my shopping and was on my way out by 11:00, just as it was getting really hot and the last hour or so of sunshine was in full effect. Ah. Summer 2010 - I was there!

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