Tuesday, 28 August 2012

St James' Park, Sunday Bank Holiday

I was out of the house by 08:05 and on the District Line to town by about 08:30. It was just after 09:00 on Sunday morning that I walked past the Ministry of Justice (do the other Ministries call it "MiniJust", I wonder?) and into St James' Park. I love central London early in the morning, before all the crowds get there: there's this whole huge city I have to myself. Anyway, this is what St James' Looks like, or at least the Western part, as the eastern part was closed off for the Olympics.

Buckingham Palace at the west end, the London Eye and Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the east end (that's why it's the "mysterious east", because no-one knows what they do there). Is the topiary crown inspired by Jeff Koons' Puppy?

The rest of the day was breakfast, gym, a movie at the Curzon Mayfair, a very late lunch and a public transport amble back home. Felt like I was on holiday all the way through - even in the Abs class.

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