Friday, 24 August 2012

Vauxhall Station, London, In The Dusk

Those who play in central London - well, all right, stay up there late after work - but live in the far reaches of Zone 6 become familiar with Vauxhall Station. It's a lot quicker to get to from all over the West End and Chelsington than Waterloo, and gives you an extra three minutes from the departure time at Waterloo. Those of you who travel by train will appreciate that three minutes is, in the words of Tony d"Amato "a lifetime away" from missing a train and standing around for twenty minutes for the next one. It's the Victoria Line that makes it so.

Anyway, it's August, hot, humid and still light in the evening, and I was on Vauxhall station Tuesday evening for reasons I may explain later. It looked like this..

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