Monday, 28 January 2013

Evo-Psycho vs Economics As Explanation: Part Two

Misandrist feminism was a free-rider in all this. It was Capital and State that needed women in the workforce in the 1970's and modified the laws accordingly. Militant feminism never was effective: women over thirty got the vote in 1918 because their actions in the 1914-18 War made the rhetoric that denied them the vote embarrassing. They didn't get it because Emily Davison stepped in front of a horse at the Epsom Derby. But militant feminism makes great press. There has always been a shrewish strain in the female population, and now it was being paid: the shrews grabbed the stand-up mic, the documentary and the pop-sociology book. What no-one knew was that under the cover of pop-culture, misandrist feminists would execute entrist tactics into the "women's issues" industry and embed sexist misandry into family law, social work, child protection and in some companies, HR policy.

At the same time, the value and number of full-salary jobs was declining. The price of family-sized houses was going up, pushing the cost of a traditional life up, and the opportunities for starting one at a sensible age were getting smaller. Even if the boys wanted to be traditional men, many of them could not afford it, and even if they could, there wasn't always a girl who wanted to be a traditional woman available at the right time. In the meantime, why not party a while longer? Or go for the promotion? With fewer people saving for capital outlays in the near future, there was more disposable income for partying, holidays and toys. The dark secret that office work was a damn sight easier than running a home and raising a child was out in the light by the mid-1980's. Wife or career-girl? Gee, that's a tough call. By the late 1990's any attempt to tell girls that a sensible aim on leaving education was not a career but a husband would have been answered by a swift economic explanation involving salaries, house prices, inflation and the difficulty a young man has of ever earning enough to support a wife and family in the traditional way.

I'm not suggesting that the fact you can't get laid except by flakey, slightly overweight entitlement princesses is one giant conspiracy between Barclays Bank, Tesco and Camden Social Services. Those guys are quick-response reactionaries, not revolutionaries. I am suggesting that most of the changes in the behaviour of women can be explained by reactions to economic change, to fit in with what was presented in the pop-culture as the prevailing, or perhaps cutting-edge, mores, and to react rationally to what they saw in their own families. I'll go with this kind of explanation any time. It's messy, and that's one of its advantages. It doesn't immediately suggest a way to Make Everything Right Again, which is always suspicious in a supposedly descriptive theory. 

This is the future for the Anglosphere. Nothing has changed, it's just got honest. This is how women always wanted to behave. Turns out they are every bit the same bunch of thoughtless, selfish, mixed-strength assholes than men always were. And that's what disappoints the guys in the Manosphere, who for some reason thought they could expect something rather better. Because they believed the hype. Which is where the Red Pill / Blue Pill thing comes from.

So what's an honest, decent man to do? He stays single, unless he meets That Special WomanTM. Since that is by definition unlikely (I couldn't even tell you what I would look for), and since he's not dead yet, he will want to get laid, so he needs some kind of Game. Whatever works for him. And contraceptives. He will work out, read, travel and have creative pastimes. He will understand that everything the girls say and do is intended to advance their class and personal interests, and therefore anything they say can be dismissed as a kind of propaganda. He won't bother with pop-culture opinion columnists, whom he knows make careers on fake controversy. He will aim to learn about and appreciate the Real Thing, and leave the latest entertainment industry sensation to the girls and children.

He will also understand that, no matter how the girl he is trying to Game appears to him, she is, in her eyes, an honest decent girl trying to answer the same question. She too will stay single, unless she meets That Special ManTM. Since that is by definition unlikely, and since she's not dead yet, she wants to get laid, have someone to take her out and pay her attention, so she needs some kind of Game. Too many girls think that their Game consists of showing up. It doesn't. But that's another story.

Sometimes neither have any success. The guy will shrug his shoulders and split, muttering something about how awful girls are. The girl will  split and mutter something about how awful men are. He will blog about it, she will Facebook it. Somewhere in the back of their minds will be the thought "at least I'm not stuck with a child and someone I don't actually care much about, like my parents were". 

And because they can't afford their own place, they will have flat- or house-mates waiting to chat to them and share a late-night vodka. Their parents had their own places, and were lonely.

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