Thursday, 31 January 2013

Views From The Shard: Part One

My sister works in the designing-your-expensive-Head-Office business, and can gaze across London from her office windows, point at various landmark buildings and say "we did floors in that one, that one, that one..." - which is a pretty neat connection to have with one of the greatest cities in the world. The firm isn't in The Shard yet, no-one is, as the landlords are playing it very close for fear of having salesmen camping outside their doors. Everyone wants to be The First In The Shard.

Being in the trade, Sis got hold of the chance to buy two preview tickets (yea! In before Boris!) the other weekend and so off we went. I even took the 1100D along and at times it shows. If you get the chance or the notion... go, but book in advance.

As ever, click on the photographs to see the originals which have way more detail. I'll say a bit more about the visit in the next post.

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