Monday, 4 February 2013

Views From The Shard: Part Two

The owners were having trade-related folk through to debug the whole process and get the staff used to the procedures. The Shard is the only super-tall office building, along with the Heron Tower with an observation floor in London - you can't go up One Canada Square, and the Heron Tower and Tower 42 aren't quite in the same league. The lifts whizz up in two stages and the final ascent is made by stairs. You can go out into the open air, as you could on the World Trades, but I found it all a bit too exciting when I tried - I've had my feet on the ground for too long and I'm not good with heights any more. People were playing "Spot the landmark" and "I can see my flat from here", and on a clear day I'm fairly sure I could see Hilltop House. Not that Saturday, as it was all a little misty as well as being very cold and windy. We stayed up there over an hour and barely noticed the time passing.

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