Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 New Year's Resolutions

I'm giving the resolutions a rest for this year, though I do like the GS Elevator list. My resolutions for 2013 were:

1. One unsupported pull-up by the year end
2. Read Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities
3. Experiment with changes to the daily/weekly routine, diet, entertainment and whatever else until the zip, twinkle and sparkle comes back
4. Do stuff that just occurs to me

And.... 1. Let's not talk about that. I really don't want to talk about my pull-ups. I'm trying. I really am.
2. The Man Without Qualities is much more of a domestic drama than I remembered. Proust has a masculine sensibility for all its setting screams out "domestic drama". Musil's masterwork is a triple-decker for women.
3 / 4. I did do some experiments and some zip and sparkle did come into my life - see the Lisbon and Rome posts. But there's still something wrong. I'm still collapsing on Saturdays.

In the previous post I listed what worked and didn't work for me in 2013. To do something about the things that didn't work...

I'm going back to swimming on the days I don't train, and will try taking some yoga and spin classes like I used to. Maybe even TRX on Friday now and again. Weights on other days or at the weekend.

Which will force me to re-jig my late afternoons and spend more time sitting in Soho cafes (yea!).

I have already purchased (via the Staff Offers) a Cineworld Unlimited card valid everywhere outside the West End. So I will be going to see more movies.

Thai Massage every three / four weeks. The strong version, which is where they dig in and/or walk on your back! Massage is a consequence of training - accept this.

I will have a week's holiday in March, May, June before the start of school holidays and September after the school holidays. I will pass on what I'm going to do at this stage.

The 09:30 thing is an attempt to get at least seven hour's sleep (allow for falling-asleep time). I'm better if I do, but I can get by on six. I need to stop worrying about it.

I don't know what I do about the whole "ugh, it's grey and cold, let's not go out" thing. Except maybe kick myself in the ass.

And I may have to not allow myself to turn on the modem Saturdays and Sundays until it's time for a Curzon Online movie. I have other ideas, but these will do for now.

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