Monday, 2 June 2014

Four Days In The Netherlands: Friday Afternoon

I went for my annual birthday trip to see my friend in the Netherlands a few weeks ago. I’ve been over there a zillion times and never taken photographs, so this time I left the laptop behind and packed the Canon EOS1100D. For the next few weeks I’m going to post the results. Let’s start with the journey from Schipol Airport to Zandvoort, via Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

The industrial ("office") estates on the Schipol side of Amsterdam; there was a train cleaners' strike that day, so heaven knows what a cleaned train looks like; Amsterdam Rai station; industrial estate with lake; Sloterdijk station; errr... one part of Sloterdijk station, the other bit is along this path and the train I wanted was hidden downstairs; giant cheesegraters; Haarlem; Haarlem Station; overhead wires; college boys and a standard issue Dutch girl at Overveen station, which is the last stop before Zandvoort.

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