Thursday, 5 June 2014

Four Days In The Netherlands: Zandvoort

When I asked the lady in the ticket office at Schipol for a ticket to Zandvoort, she said “Single to the beach! Beautiful day for it”. The Netherlands is sand and its coastline is one long beach which changes name from place to place. Zandvoort used to be where the Dutch Grand Prix was held, but if the wind blew too strongly off the sea, sand got on the track and made it slippery.

If you get an afternoon spare in Amsterdam and it’s fine, hop on the train to Zandvoort and take a walk along the beach. Stop at one of the restaurants along the beach for a snack and a drink. Many of them are open all year. Enjoy the sunshine and the bracing North Sea onshore breeze. The sky is huge, the beach wide and long and it’s a refreshing way to spend three hours.

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