Monday, 7 July 2014

What AA Gill Said

Sometimes someone else says exactly what you haven't quite allowed yourself to think. This is AA Gill in a recent article...

"And I realise with a sudden shock that I’m probably too old to sleep with anyone for the first time. The thought of having to go through the whole seduction, will they, won’t they, can I, can’t I, is far more terrifying than it is exciting."

I've been rationalising round that one for quite a while. I couldn't say the word "terrifying". I couldn't recognise that the awful ambiguity and uncertainty and potential for disappointment and embarrassment was so daunting. Which is what he said.

And now I know the enemy. Not fear, but uncertainty. Which is no greater at my age than it was when I was forty.

And AA Gill may be the only man in London who looks less my age than I do. 

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