Thursday, 28 July 2016

Castro, ISIS and Weaponising Fake Refugees

Can you keep count of how many young Arab men are killing Europeans? I can’t. And more and more they aren’t suicide bombers, but berserkers. Driving a truck along a crowded Promenade des Anglais is not a political act, but the act of a mentally unstable person off his head on drugs. The same with axe-killers. These people are crazy, as in, psychiatrically crazy. Where have we seen this before?

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Cuba generated hundreds and then thousands of “refugees”, all of whom gained sympathy from well-meaning liberals who would never have to live next to one of them. It didn’t take the US long to realise that Castro had been clearing out his jails, dumping HIV carriers and packing off homosexuals and other people he didn’t want.  In addition, Cuba was short on food, so letting a few thousand people go not only cured some political and social-order problems, it exported Castro’s food shortage problem as well.

Oh. Wait. Where else has had terrible harvests for the last few years? That would be Syria. And probably any other Arab country be-devilled by civil war and insurrection. Got a problem feeding the people in your Caliphate? Take a lesson from Castro.

I’m betting that ISIS, the Taliban and others emptied out the jails in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else they took over. And not just the jails but the mental hospitals as well. After all, what’s more dangerous than a bomb you know when it’s going to go off? A bomb you don’t know when it’s going to go off. They sent large numbers of hungry, and therefore angry, young men off as well. So they exported their food problem, and their social-order problem.

Everyone at the time remarked on how strange it was that the “refugees” from the Arab / Muslim countries seemed to be vigorous young men who were strangely well-informed about where to go and what to do on arrival. Those vigorous young “refugees” groping Europe’s daughters are uneducated farm-boys, so where did they get the money to pay for the people-smuggling bit of the journey? Um. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe the smugglers got paid by the boatload by ISIS, and everyone was told to say they had to pay the people-smugglers, because the dumb Europeans would believe that and give them lots of money.

The equally dumb German politicians thought they were getting the fleeing Syrian middle-class on the cheap. No so much. They were getting the low-skilled, the insane, the criminal and probably the AIDS carriers as well. If that’s not an invasion, I don’t know what is.

Look for a wave of "political refugees" from Turkey as Erdogan empties his jails, addicts and asylums into the open arms of Germany. He will dump them off the shores of Greece for sure, and the Greeks will fire them at the Germans.

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