Thursday, 14 July 2016

Spa Fields, Islington

Hidden behind Exmouth Market is Spa Fields. Been to Exmouth Market lots of times, only on the last trip, for supper at Moro before seeing Hofesh Schecter's Barbarians at Sadler's Wells, did I venture into the park.

That block of flats is visible from my office. I'd see it looming in the middle distance and wonder where on earth it was. Eventually I looked in the right direction when leaving Exmouth Market to go up the hill and saw this sodding great lump of a building.

I've also realised why Sis takes better pictures. All I want to do is take photographs of sunshine-y ambience. Like this park. I don't really care what's in the foreground. Sis is much more interested in the, you know, foreground.

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