Friday, 14 May 2010

CD Player Part 2

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was having problems with getting delivery of a Marantz CD6003. Well, I picked it up on Wednesday morning, set it up and went up to town to see Whip It at the Prince Charles and then Psy from the Sept Doigts du Main at the Peacock Theatre. My fandom for Heloise Bourgeois is unabated. Thursday and Friday were basically staying in and listening to my new stereo set-up, because with the CD6003 matched to the PM6003 and the B&W speakers I bought earlier, the sound is utterly fantastic. The CD6003 replaced a Cambridge Azure, which was a little harsh and confused with the Marantz amp and B&W speakers. I wondered if I should have carpets on the floor or if I'd made a mistake - because the improvement that the Azure made to my previous system was very noticeable. But all that stuff about equipment matching is true. The sound from the Marantz CD and PM 6003s is clear, projects into the room, more detailed and much easier on the ear.

The young folk at work looked at me like I had just disembarked from the Ark - "a CD player? Do you still buy CD's" - and my reply was "Audiophile. MP3 files playing from your iPod just aren't going to make it."  I really can hear the difference. And it is worth every penny.

It's not been a restful week off. The hay fever wakes me up around 06:00 and won't let me get back to sleep. It's too cold and cloudy just to wander around anywhere. But sometimes time off is like that.

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