Friday, 21 May 2010

The Fringe Benefit of Glamour Photos

There was a long article in the May issue of Vanity Fair about Tiger Woods' sex life. Which seems to have been pretty much semi-sham marriage, rich young athelete, lots of girls. Seems he didn't spend much money on them though. Michelle Braun, who's already caught your eye, was the madam who set him up with a lot of dates towards the end. (I know she doesn't look this good in real life, but when guys over the age of, oh, thirty-five, are thinking about sex, this is what we're thinking about.)

What's interesting is the description of her rosta of girls. Loredana Ferriolo, who finally got Tiger spending money, was a Hawaiian Tropic model. Who was being run, or represented, by Ms Braun. It seems that girls good looking enough to model for suntan lotion ads don't go home to a Cup-of-Soup and re-runs of Friends in the evening. They go out for £5,000 or more the time. It's not surprising that porn stars make money as escorts and maybe it's not that surprising that some models do as well. But here's the thought: maybe the real money is in escorting and the porn and the glamour photography (Page Three, miscellaneous men's magazines) is really just, well, advertising. Not for all of the girls, but for far more of them than you might want to believe. Call it a "fringe benefit" if you like.

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