Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Vegetarian Bus

I've been passing this old Routemaster on Brewer Street for months, each time telling myself that I really should try it out. Just for the experience of sitting in a Routemaster and eating a meal. So one recent Sunday I did. 

I had the lentil soup and chickpea stew. Not sure how much that fitted in with my attempt to go carb-free for a few days to get back into my target range, but at least it wasn't a Shepards Pie laden with mashed potato.

The food is okay, I'm no real fan of vegetarian, the view is good and the bus moves every time the guy comes up from the kitchen. I should have carried on to Stockpot for a cheap and card-free salad, but my willpower isn't always what it should be. There's also a wonderful view over the rather tatty porn shops of Brewer Street.

How those places stay in business while the Internet drives record stores out of business almost weekly, I have no idea.

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